I think you’re way past having to defend any of your movies. Whatever you do for us, for me, for my generation, who grew up with you, you were always The Man. There was you, and then there was some other people. We always felt like, I always felt like, how the fuck does he do it? How does he get the camera to move like that? As you can see there are people, left and right, trying to imitate you, trying to rip-off how you do it. None of us can get it right. There’s a certain vocabulary that a few of us are armed with that get to make movies that directly comes from Marty and he will talk about the films he gets it from but you can never really recognize—you can recognize sort of what he’s talking about but he’s done moves and things, an attack on telling the story that is unique and was brand new when he started doing it, all the way along he’s been doing it, but he’s been developing it over the years — you see the culmination of it every time he makes a movie and seeing it tonight in this movie — we look at him and he is The Governor.
Paul Thomas Anderson on Martin Scorsese (via repllicunt)